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Crystal Cascades
Crystal Cascades
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Esplanade Lagoon

Cairns Driving Ideas Guide

If you are coming to Cairns for the first time it’s highly likely that heading out to the Barrier Reef is one of the prime things that you have planned to do. Good choice.

But if you hop into your rental car, there are some incredible experiences to be had along the coast and up into the mountains and hills that surround Cairns, that are only around a couple of hours drive away.

The Daintree Forest

Just over two hours north of Cairns you will be whisked away into a forest reputed to be over 150 million years old in parts.  Welcome to the Daintree Forest.

This step into prehistoric times will expose you to some of the oldest and most interesting species on the planet.

We recommend that you head to The Daintree Discovery Centre which features a  23 meter high Canopy Tower, aerial Walkway , boardwalk tours,  and a display Centre. This is no ordinary forest, so we really do suggest you take the time to learn and enjoy your prehistoric time warp visit.

Mamu Tropical Skywalk

90 minutes south of Cairns is the Mamu Tropical Skywalk. There are spectacular views to be had walking the one-hour return trip along rainforest tracks and walkways that go high into the tree tops.  The chances are that you will see quite a bit of wildlife along the journey.

Arguably the best part if the 27 meter observation tower with its two viewing decks providing stunning views across the North Johnstone River gorge from the top of the tower.

Atherton Tablelands

90 minutes to the west of Cairns will take you up into the lush green valleys and mountains of the Atherton Tablelands. It may only be a short distance away, but this area really does have a different temperate climate which makes it feel like you are in another country. Even snow has been recorded here on rare occasions.

Expect to see miles of orchards, coffee and tea plantations as well as dairy farms.

There are also some spectacular waterfalls, and in particular you can find three memorable ones a short drive from Millaa Millaa on the Waterfalls Circuit, which begins 2kms east along the Palmerston Highway, and left onto Theresa Creek Road. Allow about an hour for this trip which will vary according to how much time you spend at each waterfall.

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Your Cheaperthancars Team