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Customer Reviews and Ratings

Cheaperthancars is a car rental search and booking referral service. We provide the technology that helps you find the best deals.

When you make a search or booking your enquiry is serviced and operated in conjunction with Car Trawler and then, the car rental brands you book around the world.

The reviews and ratings we refer to on our site are those of our booking and partner, who services customers and communicates to the rental company brands that we refer to on our behalf.

The reviews and ratings you read are related to customer experiences in the partnership network as well as our own, serviced by Cartrawler.

These include car rentals bookings made with over 100 airlines as well as us, which generate overall, millions of bookings.

If you would like to see the ratings for our partner, CarTrawler, you can check here:

If you would like to see the ratings for the car rental companies, you can check these when searching and comparing offers from those company brands during your booking process or separately on other sites.