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About Delta Air Lines (DL)

Delta Air Lines (DL), more commonly called Delta, is the world’s second largest airline in terms of passenger traffic, kilometers flown, and fleet size. Teamed up with its subsidiary airlines and regional affiliates, Delta operates an average of 5,400 daily flights, serving a comprehensive network of more than 320 destinations in 52 countries, Headquartered in Atlanta, the airline has nine primary domestic hubs including Boston, Detroit, and Seattle. In addition to its independent service, Delta is a founding member of the SkyTeam Alliance and has a significant number of codeshare agreements with other major airlines.

  Popular Destinations

Delta’s hubs serve as specialized gateways to specific regional and international destinations. For example(s), Atlanta is Delta’s main entry point to the Caribbean, while Detroit is the main carrier to Asian destinations from the northeastern U.S. and Canada. New York-JFK is the main hub for transatlantic flights to Europe and Africa, while New York-LaGuardia is the main carrier for destinations on the U.S. East Coast. Los Angeles and Seattle are the primary gateways to Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. Many of Delta’s most popular routes include flights from LAX to Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Taipei, as well as JFK to London-Heathrow and Paris Charles DeGaulle.

  Choosing your car

You’ll get an even better deal on a Delta cheap car rental when you pair your flight with a car hire from Budget, Hertz, National, Enterprise, or Thrifty. Let us help you make that happen so you can concentrate on choosing your car. We’ve got vehicles of all shapes and sizes: minicars, economy and compact sedans, standard and fullsize 4-door sedans, premium and luxury SUVs, 7-12 seater minvans, and specialty cars like convertibles and 5-seater estate wagons.

  Tips for Delta Passengers Renting Cars


Delta car rentals are available to drivers at least 25 years of age. Your car hire provider may offer underage driver options, which vary from country to country. Generally speaking, the absolute minimum age to rent a car is 21 — with exceptions in a handful of locations. Either way, drivers under 25 can expect to pay more and have a limited selection of cars to choose from.


You can avoid after-the-fact surcharges by reading the terms and conditions of your car rental agreement. For instance, you may incur a fee for not driving your vehicle more than 45 km (75 mi).


A credit card is required to cover the deductible of the Collision/ Loss Damage Waiver (CDW/LDW) and must be presented at the time of rental.


It’s always a smart decision to discuss your travel plans with the car hire provider, particularly if you’re planning to cross international borders, which carry restrictions in some locations, and may require a fee. Likewise, traveling to remote areas or driving on certain types of roads may not be allowed.


Unless you catch a special offer, a wide range of charges may not be included at the time of rental, one of which, Theft Protection, may not be necessary. Most credit cards offer duplicate coverage when you use the card to secure a booking. Check with the card issuer to save on your total bill.


Nowadays, offline GPS is a standard feature of car rentals. Likewise, many mobile wireless carriers offer unlimited international roaming. You could save money by using your phone as a navigational device, or, it might be more economical to pay for online GPS with your car hire provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car rental when flying Delta Air Lines

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1. Does Delta Air Lines have the best rates for car rental at the airports that it flies into?

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2. Does Delta Air Lines have deals that are exclusive to its customers with car rental companies?

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3. When is the best time to find the cheapest Delta Air Lines tickets and car rental?

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4. When is the best time to book my Delta Air Lines flights with car rental for peak season?

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5. Will my Delta Air Lines frequent flyer points benefit the price on my car rental?

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6. Does Delta Air Lines offer a car rental discount?

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7. What discounts are available on car rental with Delta Air Lines?

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8. Where do I find the cheapest car rental rates to fly with Delta Air Lines?

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9. Will I get compensation for my car rental booking if Delta Air Lines cancels my flight?

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10. Will my car rental firm be aware if Delta Air Lines is delayed or has cancelled my flight?

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11. Should I call Delta Air Lines if there is a problem with my car rental booking?