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Driving Tips - Germany

Germany has the highest accident rate of any European country because it has more traffic than any other country, as well. Therefore, you need to know the rules of the road to stay safe while driving as a tourist.


  • You should always carry the following documents while driving:
  • Driver’s license
  • Proof of insurance, especially when renting a car
  • Recommended to carry an International Driver’s Permit (IDP) from home country
  • Ownership Document

Age Restrictions

The minimum age for a full license in Germany is 18. A person who is 17-years-old may have a license to drive with a parent or adult in the car.

Driving Rules, Laws and Regulations

  • You will drive on the right hand side of the road
  • Use of mobile phones is prohibited
  • Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt
  • Children under 12-years-old must ride in the backseat
  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way at crosswalks
  • Do not follow the vehicle in front too closely
  • Always carry license while driving

Speed Limits and Fines

Unless otherwise stated, following speed limits must be adhered:

130 km/h (81 mph) on the Autobahn

100 km/h (62 mph) on highways

50 km/h (31 mph) in city

Speeding fines start at 15 euros in cities and 10 euros in the country. They increase incrementally depending on how fast you are going above the speed limit and can be as much as 680 euros.

Drunk Driving

Germany has fairly strict laws for drunk driving. You can be in trouble for a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) as low as 0.03g/100ml (if it changes your behavior). Penalties can include not being allowed to drive in Germany, as well as hefty fines. Generally, it is best to not drive at all after drinking.


In most places, you’ll be able to park on the streets. Do not block driveways or roadways; also, do not park too close to an intersection.  However, you may need a special parking sign (Parkscheibe) to place on your car, available at gas stations. With it, you signal to the police when you left the car. Follow the signs to pay for parking; in some places, you may need to park with two of your wheels off the street.

The sections above will help you drive your best while in Germany. Remember to check for any local regulations in the areas you will be traveling.

Berlin Driving Guide

There are so many reasons to visit Berlin, monuments to its recent past, including the remains of the Berlin Wall and the Holocaust Memorial; Architecture that includes Mies van der Rohe’s Neue Nationalgalerie and modern architecture such as the Pergamon Museum. Known for its music scene in the 1980’s, Berlin still maintains a thriving nightlife. If you’re an artist or even vaguely interested in contemporary art, then Berlin is the place for you, as artists of every nationality flock to this city to be a part of the active art scene. Join them by immersing yourself in galleries, both big and small, join artists in the art quarters, view open studios and attend gallery openings.

Berlin to The Briesetal:

32 min (27.5 km) to The Briesetal via

From Berlin, take the RE3 to Gesudnbrunnen, then get on to the S1 to Birkenwerder and there you’ll find The Briesetal.

Berlin may be one of the most exciting cities in the world, but don’t forget that the German countryside is one of rolling hills, wide open rural spaces and a pleasant climate. There are plenty of places to go hiking and plenty of opportunities for long walks; the 66-Lake Trail in The Briesetal is just one of them.

Along the dark forested river valley trail you’ll come across an old cemetery, as quaint as a cemetery can be. Continue following the track and you’ll find yourself traversing a boardwalk over a marsh and swampy waters that are covered in water lilies! Continue along the river trail and it’ll lead you towards flat fields at the end of the walk, near to a +600-year-old church close to Wensickendorf.

This is another pleasant way to get some exercise in after all of the beer and German pastries that you’re likely to have consumed during your trip.

Berlin to Buckow:

1 hour 4 (53.4km) to Buckow via B1/B5

Buckow is part of the picturesque Markische Schweiz Region, which is a nature park. Buckow itself is a Spa Town, following the teachings of Sebastian Kneipp who employed hydrotherapy and herbalism. The 1500 that make up the population of Buckow also regularly hold a marketplace.

One of the main attractions to Buckow is the Brecht-Weigel House, where the famed poet and playwright Bertolt Brecht and his wife, the actress Helene Weigel, spent their summers. The charming estate also includes the small garden house where Brecht withdrew to work on his writings.

Berlin is one of the most affordable cities in Europe so it is not shocking that travelers on a budget flock to it. But plan wisely and your budget can stretch that much further. At Cheaperthanhotels we offer a wide selection of accommodation, where you’ll find a simple, clean spot to lay your head and store your luggage while visiting Berlin and the surrounds.

At Cheaperthancars we have a variety of reasonably priced rental cars to get you out and about. There are a number of scenic drives in Germany where you’ll find fairytale style castles, woods that inspired the Grimm brothers to write Little Red Riding Hood and astonishing scenery. Renting a car, means, that you can hop in anytime, according to your own schedule.

When you think back to your trip, you’ll remember all the fun things you did, the people you met and the events that moved you. It is unlikely that you’ll recall the accommodation you stayed in, where you spent the minority of your time. So why not save your cash, spend it on those activities rather than on expensive accommodation. Use Cheaperthanhotels to find discount accommodation deals.

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