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About Dresden-Klotzsche Airport (DRS)

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Address: Wilhelmine-reichard-ring 1, Dresden, 01109

Dresden-Klotzsche Airport (DRS) is located 10 km (6 mi) north of the central Dresden. Airport car rentals are supplied by Avis, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt, and rental counters are found in the arrivals area of the terminal.

  Getting around

It seems like every major German city has an Altstadt, and Dresden’s Old City acts as the de facto city center, with all major routes converging or looping around the area. Congestion is common in central Dresden during typical weekday rush hours, and on Saturdays - the unofficial local “shopping day”. Generally speaking, with a GPS onboard, visitors should have little trouble reaching their destinations, as well as finding parking — again, except in the Altstadt shopping district on Saturday.

Like many German riverside cities, Greater Dresden’s general orientation is dictated by River Elbe, which creates a natural landmark for navigation. The city is mostly located on the south bank, while Dresdiner Heide (Dresden Forest) dominates the north bank. Most visitors will find the Altstadt and Neustadt (new city) districts to contain the bulk of the action. With A17 to the south and A4 to the north, Dresden is well connected to regional destinations and surrounding attractions. The new A17 south extension now provides a direct link to Prague, Czechia (150 km / 90 mi) within easy day-trip distance.

Germans love their festivals and Dresden plays host to Europe’s largest jazz festival, Dixieland Festival, which takes place in May. Otherwise, festival season kicks up in April with Filmfest Dresden, and continues all the way through Christmas.

  Choosing your car

Given the German affinity for high performance vehicles, it should come as no surprise to see the highest quality car hire options at Dresden Airport. Are you traveling along with a couple of carry-ons? Cooper minicars are ideal for solo travelers. For couples with minimal baggage, Volkswagen compact cars are perfect for exploring the Dresden area. Opel intermediate sedans are solid cars for business travel. It’s not every day that you come across Audi estate wagons. Meanwhile, Mercedes fullsize 4-door sedans were designed for performance on the autobahn. All-purpose driving is no problem in a Range Rover SUV. And Volkswagen 7-9 seater minivans are perfect for moving people and cargo.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Dresden Airport


When returning your airport car hire, you’ll follow signs to a parking lot, where you’ll leave the car in your provider’s return bay. From there, proceed to the rental car return center on Level 0 of the car park across from the terminal.


There’s a petrol station on airport grounds, so you can fill the tank before returning the car.


Driving in the left lane of any road with four lanes or more isn’t against the law per se — actually, it’s just considered rude — but left lanes are for passing, not cruising along at the speed limit.


If the driver behind you flashes their headlights, it usually means one of two things. One, they want you to know that they’re going to pass you on the left. Or two, “Get out of the left lane, slowpoke, and let me pass.”


Again, it’s not against the law, but the overwhelming majority of German drivers use their turn signals to indicate lane changes.


Specifically on the autobahn, it’s totally illegal to pass on the right. That’s what the left lane is for.

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Frequently asked questions about renting a car at Dresden - Airport

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7. What happens to my car rental if my flight is cancelled or delayed into Dresden - Airport?

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9. Are minivans and people movers available for rent at Dresden - Airport?

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10. Should I buy car rental insurance at the pick up desk at Dresden - Airport?

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15. Which rental companies are there at Dresden - Airport?

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16. How much waiting time should I allow for picking up a car at Dresden - Airport?

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17. Which forms of payment are generally acceptable for car rental at Dresden - Airport?

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19. What is the highest rated rental company for overall service at Dresden - Airport and how does this compare to others?

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20. Are there eco friendly rated cars for rent at Dresden - Airport?