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Dunedin Driving Ideas Guide

If you’ve landed in Dunedin for the first time, you may be confused with thinking that you are in Scotland.  Dunedin is one of the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern hemisphere and holds its Scottish cultural heritage close to its heart in the grey granite architecture.

As a student town, full of youthful spirit has no shortage of pulsing nightlife, fantastic pubs and is topped off with the famous Speight’s brewery.

It is also the gateway to the Otago peninsula which has a wealth of nature from albatross to penguins and fur seals. You may even get lucky to glimpse a rare sight of occasional killer whales making it in close to shore in search of seals.

But if you are thinking of putting the keys of your rental car into the ignition, and stepping on the gas, to do something out of town, then we have come up with some ideas about great places to visit for a day, or a short overnight.

Dunedin to Larnach Castle

20 mins from Dunedin — 13 km

So you thought castles didn’t exist in the Southern hemisphere.  Well this one, built in 1871 is New Zealand’s only castle.  Fully restored, this gothic architected building with antiques provides an insight into Victorian living at its best.  Its a must see, with stunning views of the harbor and the opportunity to delve into some scandalous family history that surrounds it.  Before you leave, make sure you have a wander through the grounds — rated as a Garden of International Significance.

Dunedin to Moeraki Boulders

1 hour from Dunedin — 76 km

There is a natural phenomena waiting for you along the windswept, gusty Waitaki coast. Huge spherical boulder that are millions of years old and accessible from the beach are to be found here. According to mystical Maori legends these boulder are gourds washed up from the wreck of a canoe. See for yourself and stretch your imagination.

Dunedin to Southland Welcome Rock Trails

3 hours from Dunedin — 256 km

This is a longer trip which may make you consider spending an overnight in some local accommodation. The Southland’s Welcome Rock Trails in Garston offers an experience in the outdoor landscape that you will never forget.  This single cross country trail allows you to walk or cycle, the hand build track along one of New Zealand's longest water races, and discover rare scenery and landscapes.  To do this trip justice we recommend you allow a full day trip to enjoy the elevated high country and stunning. Consider an overnight stay in one of the country huts or retreats to view the sun setting amongst the hills, with a glass of wine and a spa bath. Yes they do exist here.

At Cheaperthancars and Cheaperthanhotels we believe that by spending less you can do more when you get there on your rental cars and accommodation. We have a wide range of choices to suit all budgets in and around Dunedin. Enjoy your trip!

Your Cheaperthancars Team


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