About Auckland International Airport (AKL)

Address: Off Airport, 5 Airpark Drive, Mangere, 2022

The largest airport in New Zealand, Auckland International is where most travellers will land on their entry into the country, especially when visiting North Island. Known to the locals as Mangere, the airport welcomes around 21 million people to New Zealand each year.

And Auckland is certainly the perfect entry point for tourists wanting to explore North Island by car. As New Zealand’s premier travel hub, Auckland International Airport’s car rentals offer a wide selection of vehicles. Car hire couldn’t be easier.

  Getting around

A simply breathtakingly beautiful country, one of the best ways to experience New Zealand is by road. And that means making use of car rental. In fact, you could travel from Auckland to Wellington in less than a day if you rent a car, something you can do on landing using one of the numerous Auckland International Airport car rental companies located at the terminals. Booking online before in preparation for your holiday will not only save you money but speed up the process as well on your arrival.

While Auckland is a fantastic city to visit, there is much to see and do outside of it. One of the biggest tourist attractions is Hobbiton, the fantasy location used in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. This is a must visit! Depending on the weather, a day at one of the many west coast beaches can also bring plenty of fun for the family.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to see and do around Auckland.

  Choosing your car

Airport car rental gives you a huge range of vehicles to choose from all provided by some of the worlds most well respected rental companies such as Hertz, Thrifty, Avis and Europcar. Smaller New Zealand companies also offer many vehicle options, so be sure to shop around beforehand to find your best price. And what car brands will be made available to you? Well, a wide range can be rented including those from Holden, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki. Model-wise, you can find just what you are looking for with vehicles seating anything from four to 10 people. SUV’s and vans are ideal for larger families and groups.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Auckland Airport


During your time in New Zealand, you will experience a range of weather conditions. If you are driving and things get a little extreme, rather find a safe place to pull over and wait it out.


Unlike many other countries, New Zealand’s highest speed limit on highways is just 100 kilometres per hour. That catches many tourists out! You certainly don’t want a traffic fine while on holiday so keep within the speed limit at all times.


Travel times in New Zealand can take a little longer than you might expect. That’s down to weather conditions and the fact that roads can be pretty twisty in places.


Always wear your seatbelt, even if you just driving 50 metres. This counts for all passengers as well.


Drivers under 20 may not have any alcohol in their system when driving. The limit for drivers older than 20 is 250 micrograms per litre. Rather don’t drink and drive.


In New Zealand, you will be driving on the left-hand side of the road. So that means on highways, it’s keep left and pass right.