About Rotorua Regional Airport (ROT)

Address: Terminal Building, Rotorua, 3074, Xx

Rotorua Regional Airport is located in Rotorua, New Zealand. Located on Te Ngae Road, it is located 6 kms (3.7 miles) from Rotorua CBD. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to downtown Rotorua from the airport, traveling down State Highway 30 and State Highway 30A. From there you can explore the outdoors within Rotorua.

While the airport is just a regional airport, it stays busy with six tarmac gates with flights to other New Zealand cities such as Wellington and Auckland. The airport has several major airport car rental companies, which are generally more convenient than the other modes of transport, such as public transportation shuttle buses.

  Getting around

Rotorua Regional Airport (ROT) airport car rentals are popular for transportation away from the airport. Whether you are arriving from another city by plane or taking a scenic airplane ride, you can get one of the cars from one of the airport's car hire companies.

Once you leave the airport, you can visit awe-inspiring views of nature, such as Wai-O-Tapu, where you can enjoy a variety of geothermal pools, including the green "Devil's Bath".  This park is located off of State Highway 5, just 53 km from Rotorua. You can also visit Lake Tarawera outside of Rotorua. Why not visit Skyline Rotorua to enjoy activities from mountain biking trails near the gondola to giant swings.

  Choosing your car

Rotorua airport car rentals will allow you to explore the area around Rotorua, as well as take trips in to Auckland or Wellington. The car rental companies are a welcome alternative to the public transportation options in Rotorua Regional Airport. Pick from rental car companies such as Hertz, Avis and Europcar, with rent a car possibilities from small compact cars to larger rental vehicles.

Rest assured that you will pick the best option with our rental car options because we survey all customers on the qualities of their rental, such as the cleanliness of the rental car. Your (ROT) car rental will let you visit areas such as Redwoods Forest or the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, which is located off of the beaten track and allows you to appreciate nature.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Rotorua Airport


When you're driving in New Zealand, you will need to drive on the left side of the road as opposed to the right side of the road. When driving at roundabouts, you will need to drive clockwise rather than counterclockwise.


Speed limits are posted on the roads, usually as a number encircled with a red circle. Be cautious when driving on twisting roads as you may need to go slower than the posted speed limit.


In New Zealand, you cannot drive and use a cell phone unless there is an emergency. That means no texting, emailing, or making a phone call.


If you're going to be travelling off of the beaten track, you may want to consider a heavy duty vehicle as some of the roads are unsealed or gravel.


It might seem obvious, but you should always wear your seatbelt whether you are in the driver's seat or passenger's seat.


Especially in the countryside, be wary of animals that may be out of their pastures. Drive slowly around these areas to avoid hitting any animals.