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Driving Tips – Norway

A great place to travel and explore Norway is by car. It’s especially a good idea if you want to get to those harder to reach places, outside of the city. Journeying to Norway’s most remote corners will be an exciting and wonderful road trip experience but you will need to be well prepared first. You should read this guide, full of important information and useful tips for you to follow, if you want to embark upon your Norwegian road adventure safely and with sound knowledge:


Driving in Norway requires that you carry the following:

  • Full and valid driving licence (or IDP)
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • Vehicle registration document
  • Letter of permission from owner (if appropriate)
  • Car rental documents, if applicable

Age Restrictions

  • You must be at least eighteen (18) years old to drive in Norway
  • Children under four (4) years old must be fitted in a rear-facing seat
  • All children must be seated in a seat that is appropriate to their size and age

Driving Rules, Laws and Regulations

  • You must drive on the right hand side of the road
  • You must drive with dipped headlights at all times, including daylight hours
  • Trams, trains and light rail always have priority
  • You must pass trams on the right
  • Buses, on roads of 60km/hour (37mph) or less, have priority when pulling out
  • Pedestrians showing intention to cross at crossings always have right of way
  • Horns should only be used in emergencies
  • Overtaking should only be done on long roads with good visibility
  • You are obliged to assist at the site of an accident if you are present, in whatever capacity
  • You shouldn’t overtake at cross roads
  • City tolls must be paid prior to entry

Speed Limits and Fines

You must adhere to the following speed limits, unless otherwise stated, when driving in Norway:

  • 90-100km/hour (56mph-62mph) on expressways
  • 50km/hour (31mph) in built-up/urban areas
  • 30km/hour (18mph) in a lot of residential areas

In general, on expressways, the speed limit is 80km/hour (50mph) but can range from 90-100km/hour (56mph-62mph), so just keep a look out for signs to warn you of any changes to the limit.

Norway has speed control bumps installed, which detect your speed, and if found to be breaking the limit you will be faced with fines. For more serious offences, licence suspension and imprisonment are the consequences.

Drunk Driving

The limit of Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) in Norway is 0.2g/100ml which equates to about one small beer. If you are found to have this amount in your system, you will be faced with a fine and a licence suspension. In more serious cases, you will have your licence revoked, sometimes indefinitely, and probably spend time in prison.


Parking in cities can often be troublesome and therefore it is regulated and sometimes very costly.

Parking metres operate on a colour system: Yellow indicates one (1) hour, Grey indicates two (2) hours, and Brown indicates three (3) hours.

Parking is forbidden in areas with over 60km/hour speed limits. You are not allowed to park on bends or main roads, in front of vehicle entrances or exits, or on pedestrian streets/zones.

If your vehicle is found to be parked illegally then you will be fined and sometimes towed away at an extra charge.

In Oslo, you can purchase a 24 hour pass which enables you to park in designated areas. However, you must still adhere to the maximum times and move your car to another zone as and when the times specify.

Oslo Driving Guide

Mother Nature was showing off when she created Oslo. Natural beauty abounds in this Scandinavian city, with beautiful fjords, sprawling forests, hills and lakes as far as the eye can see. With all of this wildlife, ample opportunities are available for outdoor activities where the natural surroundings can be enjoyed while cycling, hiking, skiing and other water sports.

However, if being surrounded by gorgeous landscapes becomes too much for you, Oslo also has some of the best galleries and museums (not to mention the exquisite Oslo Opera House) in the world. It is just that visitors to Oslo get so caught up in the natural activities that they forget to venture just a little bit inland.    

If you do decide to venture out of Oslo you are likely to be surprised at the variety of sights on offer.

Oslo to Hadeland Glaswerk:

1 hour 4 (67.6 km)

While it should only take you an hour to drive from Oslo to the Hadeland Glassworks, rather take it slow, as you’ll be driving through some of the most stunning scenery Norway has to offer. Although in all fairness, Norway is the beauty queen of Scandinavia, drive in any direction and you’ll stumble across magnificent scenery. The road to Hadeland takes you along the shores of the Inner Oslofjord as well as the Tyrifjorden. Call shotgun for a seat on the left side of the rental car on the way there and the right hand side for the trip back in order to make the most of the view of the fjords, but any position in the rental car is a good vantage point.

The journey to the Hadeland Glaswerk is not the only draw card, at the end of the hour long drive you’ll find the glassworks which were founded in 1762 and remain the oldest running industrial company in Norway. Watch a glass blowing demonstration or purchase some trinkets to take home as souvenirs virtually at cost.

Oslo to Drobak and Oscarsborg:

36 min (39.4 km)

Drobak is just a quick trip from Oslo, quick enough to hop in your car for an afternoon outing, before heading back to Oslo for a night out, if you so desire. Drobak lies on the Oslo Fjord and the narrow 18th and 19th century streets, complete with quaint wooden houses are of the type found in storybook illustrations. In the town square you’ll find the Tregaarden’s Christmas House and Santa’s Post Office. Any young niece or nephew would idolize you if you sent them a letter with a special Santa Claus post stamp, or a pic with St. Nick himself.

While you’re there hop on one of the regular ferries to the fortress Oscarsborg, 5 minutes away. The fortress was completed in 1853 and was named when King Oscar I visited in 1855.

After a trip to the areas surrounding Oslo you might decide that you would actually like to spend a few days in one of these quaint little towns. Check out our website and you’ll find a list of affordable accommodation in and around Oslo.

Whether it is accommodation at Cheaperthanhotels or car rentals at Cheaperthancars we believe that a traveller’s budget should be allocated to memory making activities and exploring your chosen destination as much as possible. The alternative is spending your cash on flamboyant accommodation or hotels and flashy vehicles and not having much else to show for your time in the beautiful Oslo.

We have a number of pick up points in and around the gorgeous Oslo, to ensure that your experience of renting a car/staying in our accommodation is both convenient and affordable.

Your Cheaperthancars Team

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