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About Scoot Air (TR)

Scoot Air (TR) is a budget airline based in Singapore and owned by Singapore Airlines. From its terminal hub at Singapore Changi International Airport (SIN), Scoot operates daily flights to over 65 destinations in 18 countries.

  Popular Destinations

Because Scoot started out as primarily a regional carrier, the bulk of its most popular destinations were in China and India. However, due to expansion of its fleet and a transition into codeshare agreements, Scoot now offers flights to a generous range of destinations in Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Cairns, Sunshine Coast and Hobart. While regional passengers are fond of low-cost flights to cities in Malaysian, Indonesia, Japan, and Vietnam, Scoot Air offers partnership flights to the far-flung European cities of Berlin, Germany, and Athens, Greece. As times change, Scoot may offer an even wider variety of flights to international destinations.

  Choosing your car

We can help you team up with Scoot Air and the most trusted names in car rentals — Avis, Budget, Dollar, Eurpocar, Hertz, Sixt, and more. While car fleets range from destination to destination, you can expect a wide range of vehicle types to suit your driving needs. Choose from compact and economy sedans to save on fuel, standard and intermediate sedans for highway driving, plus fullsize premium and luxury 4-door sedans for added comfort and performance. Most fleets offer relatively cheap rates on mid, standard, and fullsize SUVs, while just about anywhere you may travel, you’re bound to find 7-12 seater minivan options for people and cargo.

  Tips for Scoot Air Passengers Renting Cars


If your Scoot Air itinerary includes an international transfer, be advised that you’ll need to clear immigration, collect your checked baggage (if applicable), and return to the check-in counter to receive boarding passes for your connecting flight.


GPS is a standard feature of most car hire vehicles, but unless the provider is offering a special deal, it won’t be included in your price. If you’re thinking about saving money by using a mobile device for navigation, check with your carrier about international roaming charges. Often times, it’s simply much cheaper to go with online GPS.


Because very few reputable car companies allow for cash payment, in order to rent a car, you need a credit card. And that credit card usually satisfy a couple of provisions, mainly that it is valid 6 months from the end of the rental period, and it has enough available credit to cover the “hold” or deposit to secure the car. Keep in mind that deposit amounts vary from country to country — hold amounts are generally much higher in less developed countries.


Travelers with children may be tempted to bring their own child restraint seat when renting a car. Renting a seat from the provider is likely to be cheaper than paying their fee for using your own seat.


Unlike some of its competitors, Scoot Air’s website does not offer a direct partnership with major car rental companies — and that’s where we come in. We can help link your flight to your car hire for even greater savings.


Most car hires include a standard Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) — aka Loss Damage Waiver — while many also include Theft Protection. You’re likely to be offered a Collision Damage Excess Waiver, which covers the excess amount in case of catastrophic situations such as a major accident or theft of the vehicle. Your credit card is likely to cover the excess amount — call them and check first before spending more at the car rental kiosk.

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Frequently Asked Questions about car rental when flying Scoot

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1. Does Scoot have the best rates for car rental at the airports that it flies into?

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2. Does Scoot have deals that are exclusive to its customers with car rental companies?

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3. When is the best time to find the cheapest Scoot tickets and car rental?

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4. When is the best time to book my Scoot flights with car rental for peak season?

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5. Will my Scoot frequent flyer points benefit the price on my car rental?

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6. Does Scoot offer a car rental discount?

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7. What discounts are available on car rental with Scoot?

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8. Where do I find the cheapest car rental rates to fly with Scoot?

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9. Will I get compensation for my car rental booking if Scoot cancels my flight?

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10. Will my car rental firm be aware if Scoot is delayed or has cancelled my flight?

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11. Should I call Scoot if there is a problem with my car rental booking?