About Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT)

Address: Car Rental Center Flygplatsvagen 15, Gothenburg, 43814

Gothenburg Landvetter Airport (GOT) located 20 km (13 mi) east of picturesque central Gothenburg. Airport car rentals from Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Europcar, Hertz, and Sixt are located in the multi-storey car park across from the terminal.

  Getting around

Although Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden — and home of the nation’s largest amusement park, Liseberg — its immaculate public transportation system is notoriously slow. A 20-km trip across the city could exceed an hour, even in off-peak hours. Therefore, visitors will want to rent a car in order to maximize their stay. Getting around the city is generally straightforward, with well-marked major routes and roads in excellent condition. Expect congestion during morning and evening rush hours. Most of central Gothenburg lies on a standard grid system, but the rest of the city is riddled with dead ends and twisting roads. The city’s orientation on the banks of the Gota River simplifies navigation to a certain extent, but don’t pass on GPS.

European Road 6 (E6) is the primary north-south expressway in the region, while E20 and National Route 40 provide access to eastern destinations, most notably the city of Boras (63 km / 39 mi). Route 155 is the main route to the rest of the Gothenburg archipelago in the west. If visiting during Sweden’s long winter, be advised that daylight is limited and roads quickly freeze after dark when temperatures plummet. Your rental car will most likely be equipped with snow tires, but don’t forget to get confirmation that your vehicle is up to snuff.

  Choosing your car

The best vehicles for general city driving conditions are Mercedes and Audi economy sedans, but you’ll find the lowest rates on Kia compact cars. For significant highway driving, BMW fullsize sedans were made for transporting people and cargo across long distances. Volvo estate wagons are the popular car hire choice for small families either in or out of the city. And 7-9 seater minivan options include models from Volkswagen.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Gothenburg Airport Landvetter


Daytime running lights (headlights) are required at all times in Sweden.


The national speed limit on major expressways is 110 km/h unless otherwise posted. Recently, Sweden has raised the limit to 120 km/h on remote stretches of motorways. At any rate, enforcement is strict and fines for speeding are excessive.


Animal hazards are common on rural routes in Sweden, more so at night than during daylight hours.


If you should happen to hit an animal, dial Emergency Number 112 to report the incident. Failure to report an animal accident (viltolycka) is punishable by a steep fine. If the injured animal is able to flee the scene, your car hire should be equipped with a special ribbon to mark the spot. Remember that you’re required to report the incident regardless of outcome.


A passing familiarity with the Swedish language will come in handy on the roads. Even though most signage is inline with international pictogram standards, many directional signs are in Swedish, such as: Infart (Entrance), Avfart (Exit), Parkering Förbjuden (No Parking), and Bensin (Petrol).


Swedish people have a reputation for being even-tempered, but that apparently goes out the window when they get behind the wheel in Gothenburg. Local drivers are considerably more aggressive in the urban core than outlying areas.